How the Top 50 Pool Builders is Picked

Each year pool builders eagerly await for the Top 50 Builders roster. While some companies retain a steady listing, some show a decline, while others confidently rise to the top. It is always the hope of any pool builder to appear on the Top 50 as this gives them more sales and cements customer confidence.

The success of pool companies is not just individual and reflects on the industry as a whole.  Although the revenue trends may vary, certain things remain constant from year to year; the pool builders’ commitment to training, customer service, community, and industry networking.

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In 2016, pool companies saw steady to slower growth when compared to 2015. In 2015 the combined residential construction revenue was approximately $719 million. 2016 saw this increase by 8% with a recorded revenue of $775.5 million. The total revenue rose by 9% to reach $992 million in 2016 while construction revenue increased by 4% to reach $12,548 in 2016.

How does Pool and Spa News (PSN) determine the top 50 pool builders?

The judging criterion used involves using five aspects to determine the most well-rounded pool builders countrywide.

Industry involvement

Companies that work together make the whole industry grow and become better. High marks are awarded to pool companies that collaborate and network through associations. These companies work with buyer groups as well as other companies both in and out of the industry.

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Corporate social responsibility

Companies that give back to society are awarded high marks. This can be through volunteer work and philanthropy which aims to improve lives in general. Companies with corporate social responsibility gain a percentage of their score in recognition of this.


Staff score is awarded based on the quality of training given to staff and employee retention. This is significant to a company’s success, and pool builders with a good staff score gain high marks.

Online presence

Companies that effectively utilize digital platforms are positioned to keep up with the times. Online presence scores reflect on the user-friendliness of the websites, design, usability and educational value of the digital platforms such as websites and blogs. High scores are also awarded for interactive social media engagement.

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The total residential construction revenue is a major part of scoring pool contractors. This takes into account new residential construction and renovation income.

Numerous statistics and charts are available on the PSN website. One of the most notable charts is the one who has tracked the performance of nine pool builders who have stayed on the list since 2007.

Each company has its unique strengths, and you can check out which of the companies did well in various categories. You can see which company had the best web design, which had the best score in philanthropy and which has the highest training standards. has all the information on pool news, and it features a page for each of the top 50 pool builders. The pages show statistics and information on the pool builders as well as their strengths and weaknesses. Interactive graphs help users visualize the data and audio clips featuring the top 50 builders are shared on the website.

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