Sales Marketing Alignment: The Effective Way

Aligning your sales and marketing is a great opportunity you have for improving the performance of your business. When the sales  marketing teams align their objectives to work in harmony, they dramatically improve sales productivity, marketing ROI and most important of all, growth.

Even when the CRM industry evolves, getting the two teams to work in synergy should always be the business’ number one goal. Success comes from their collaboration which helps keep your customers satisfied and happy.

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This might sound easy enough, but the two teams have different goals. Collaborating towards the same goals ensures the success of your business. Sales and marketing teams are each unique and misunderstood roles could lead to disappointment for both sides and the whole business as a whole.

Different goals

The marketing team has projects that are typically long-term. These usually include high-quality lead generation and strong branding. Marketing campaigns often focus on nurturing leads, scoring and increasing recognition of the brand.

On the other hand, the sales team has short-term goals. They usually have monthly targets to meet. They look for opportunities to close deals by solving problems and answering questions from potential customers.

Misunderstood roles

Sales marketing teams view their roles in a business differently. While sales worries about meeting their monthly targets, marketing may see it as one thinking. Marketing may be generating leads, but those leads could fail to lead to sales especially if they are low-quality leads. It is difficult to measure marketing activities which may lead to the sales team not seeing their importance.

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The solution

Break down the barriers between the two teams. A business can see the success of aligning the sales and marketing teams’ efforts towards achieving a common goal.

Use revenue cycle instead of sales funnel

Traditionally, the sales funnel had a large audience which was sorted down to leads, the prospective clients and then clients. However, with people becoming more educated, the sales funnel cannot hold. Consumers today research before they shop.  The best way to ensure that your sales marketing teams succeed is to have the same goal. The sales team has to follow up on leads and marketing has to provide the leads.

Define the strategy together

Break down communication barriers and have both teams define the strategy together. Clarify areas such as lead scoring and metrics. It is essential for each team to know which prospects to fast track and which need nurturing.

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Sales development representatives

Sometimes the sales team can get overwhelmed, and you can have sales development representatives with an exclusive focus; to review, contact and give a score to leads generated by marketing. This will ensure that lead follows up is consistent which will, in turn, lead to better conversion rates.

When the sales and marketing teams work together in synergy, they increase the revenue cycle while reducing costs at the same time.  With the teams doing their jobs effectively, you can focus your energy and resources on other aspects of the business.

Sales Marketing Alignment: The Effective Way

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