What Should I Pay for a Quality Pool Lead?

What should I pay for a quality pool lead?

Knowing what you’re buying is the first step to figuring out if the buy is worth it or not. So what exactly is a quality lead? Well, if you were to imagine a food chain pyramid with all the different levels, the first level at the top is quality leads. Those are the customers that are certain they want to invest in your product. The next level would be leads, where people have given you their contact information or have just asked for a quote. These people aren’t sure if they want to get the checkbook out or not. Some of them are just simply browsing to see how much it’d be if they were to install, say a swimming pool in their backyard. The last level, at the bottom of our imagined pyramid are the visitors, they’re just taking a look at your website or walking around your store to see if they like anything. They are not the prime customers just yet.

As a company that is just starting or is having trouble with the marketing side of things, buying leads is always an option. Marketing is a huge factor in owning a business. It’s the part of the business that let’s everyone know that there is even a business out there to buy products from. It let’s everyone know your name, that you’re a company who is trying to sell products to your customers. There are always going to be financial considerations to be handled but that isn’t a reason to stop your company from growing, you just have to be smart about what you invest into. Investing into swimming pool leads can be the opportunity where your company kick starts and sells product again with great advantages. Advantages such as saving time for your company, buying quality leads means you don’t have to go through all the potential leads. When buying quality leads, you get a list of the customers that want your product, which means all you have to do is follow up on the lead or close the deal.  

Everyone’s focus is ‘how much is it going to cost’, there is no solid answer to this question with it being such a broad subject. The cost for a swimming pool lead depends completely on what you’re asking for. The information provided can be from just a lead, to contact information, to a quality lead. If this is the direction your company wants to go in, it’s an expense that you have to pay for. It’s like if you’re advertising for your company or buying a company car. Leads are something your company needs to strive, if your swimming pool business isn’t generating leads then how are you going to sell your product? Buying quality leads is something  to consider especially if your company isn’t bringing in the lead count that you want. The cost of leads can be anywhere from $50- $150 per lead. Depending on how many leads your company wants to buy the price will vary.  

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