Marketing Sales Team

While a sales team mostly closes sales, a marketing team generally generates leads. If the two teams do not work together, the whole marketing plan can come crashing down on you. Once the marketing team gathers data and generates enough leads, the sales team jumps in.

A sales team can make or break your marketing plan. This team is special and differs from other support teams. Targets are set, and the team has to make cold calls, follow up with potential customers and achieve lead conversions.  They directly engage with your potential customers, and you should equip them with the tools necessary to ensure the success of their efforts.

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Most sales teams strive to:

  • Have a B2B lead funnel which has the relevant prospects that are logically categorized and prioritized.
  • Discover immediate business opportunities without compromise on productivity.
  • Identify market trigger events with potential target customers.
  • Obtain enough facts essential to prepare their sales pitch.

How the marketing team works:

Market Segments

Your brand and market segments will determine the roles assumed by your sales team. For instance, highly technical products can be segmented by industry. This way the team member assigned to this should be an expert on the specific product. They are better equipped to handle customer queries effectively. If you segment by age, the team members are assigned a specific age group to play their role better.

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Once each member of the sales team knows which market segment they represent, they come up with a strategy that will help them achieve their goals. The common strategy has to include all aspects of the market segment and addresses the needs of the customer.  They should know the target market and be an advocate for their needs.

Marketing Plan

After the marketing strategy has been developed, each team member is assigned a part of the plan. It is their responsibility to implement the strategy to increase sales. The responsibilities can be pricing or even deciding on which promotional materials to use.  The team reports to the marketing manager to ensure that there is consistency and cohesion in their efforts.


An effective sales team finds the balance between the demand for its sales which at times can be conflicting and the market environment. The team members should always offer support to any team members who do not meet their targets. An effective sales team integrates team efforts to improve the sales and performance of a business.

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Once you have gathered enough data you need to prioritize, rank, score and segment your data.  The sales team will then identify potential customers and decision makers that might require your products or services.  They know the target market and provide intelligence by keeping a keen eye on mergers, new investments and any triggers that can create a business opportunity for you.

They also identify possible business opportunities through statistical modeling and other analytical tools that track customer behavior. They are able to map sales efforts to opportunities available and set targets for their team.

Marketing Sales Team

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