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While you cannot force users to leave reviews, they are an important component of every business. Companies want to know what users think about the products they purchased or services they got. With digital channels being commonly used in recent years, users can leave their reviews in a simple and quick way.

The most important thing that can help your business grow is positive reviews. Getting good online reviews is not easy, but it is straightforward and works. What makes the greatest difference between getting good ranking reviews and negatives ones is a customers experience. Deliver an amazing experience to your customers, and the positive reviews will stream in.

Ranking Reviews
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A report by Oracle refers to research that showed over 80% of customers would be willing to pay more for a better customer experience.  When your customers are happy, they help grow your business. They tell people about their experience and recommend using your brand. People are more likely to buy a product after reading a positive review.

To build a foundation for good customer reviews it is important to deliver great customer experiences, so that the customers say good things about your brand.

5 Ways to get ranking reviews:

There are many ways you can use to get ranking reviews. However, for good long-term reviews, you should avoid ways that are deceptive and focus on legitimate ways which will get you results.

1. Ask the Right Customers

Ask. Do not be afraid to reach out to your customers and ask for their feedback.  However, you need to ask the right customers, the ones who are getting the most out of your product. Such customers will not only praise your brand, but show how it brings value to them.

The right customers to ask for reviews are:

Referrers: A customer who refers others to your brand is probably satisfied with it.

Promoters: If you track customer satisfaction, then the tool will show you your promoters.

Engaged: Look at the customers who frequently log in to your website and use your brand.

Ranking Reviews
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2. Ask at the Right Time

It is redundant to ask for reviews from customers long after they bought your brand.  The best time to ask customers to give feedback is soon after interacting with your brand.  This is when they can best recall their experience and give honest feedback.

3. Ask the Right Way

Never ask for a good review. Doing this can make you lose credibility, and you may end up with negative reviews. You should ask for honest feedback. You might get some reviews that are not pleasant, but this is a chance for you to improve the customer experience.

4. Ask again

If you do not get any responses to your request for feedback don’t give up. You might have chosen a bad time for them, or they simply forgot. Try changing the subject line when you resend the email. Also, use apps such as MailChimp to see how many customers opened your email and which emails bounced.

Ranking Reviews
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5. Respond to every Review

Respond to positive and negative reviews. Build a relationship with your customers through this. A simple thank you, sorry, like or tweet can reinforce your trust with customers when they see that you genuinely care about their customer experience.

Getting good online reviews

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