Generate quality leads

With online businesses increasing in number, it is getting more and more difficult to convert website visitors into customers. Unless you can give them a great user experience and motivate them to sign up, they are unlikely to return. Moreover, you might capture their details but fail to convert them into customers.

You should have an effective strategy for capturing your visitors’ attention and their email addresses to help your business generate quality leads. This will help you keep the visitors you get and start building a great relationship with them.

Most companies will generate numerous leads and send these to the sales team for follow up. Even with plenty of leads, quality yields will waste time and resources. Fewer quality leads will help your sales team in closing deals as they will have relevant conversations with users. They will also be able to answer questions from users who have interacted with your brand.

Quality Leads
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Here are some ways to generate quality leads for your business:

1. Use qualifying questions

Although short forms are good for conversion, for generating quality leads an extra question or two is necessary. For instance, a question about purchase time frame will help your sales team know the best time to follow up on leads or delay follow up until the user is ready to buy.

2. Score your leads

Scoring your leads will help your sales team to grade leads and focus on the most promising leads that will lead to sales.  Assigning points to your leads will help you focus your resources and generate leads that are likely to convert into customers.

Quality leads
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3. Use a clear call to action

This is one of the most important aspects of your website and email marketing. Make sure that your call to action button is clear and to the point. Use the right size, alignment, and placement to ensure that it is effective.  Include details such as how many emails they will receive and how fast they will be able to access your gift or discount. Users will easily signup when you are clear as to what they can expect. Use words such as “signup now and get a free ebook” to give users something sure to look forward to.

4. Blend your CTA with your content

Do not make your call to action buttons stand out like ads. This is a mistake most new online businesses make. Instead, blend the CTA into your content so that they don’t look forced. Make sure the CTA is in tune with your website layout. Most people will typically read through some of the content to find out if your website is actually what they are looking for. Rather than have the CTA pop up immediately after a user lands on your page, delay it for some seconds. Similarly, think about how users use your website. Most people read from left to right.  Place your opt-in button to the right so that they land on it after reading some of your content.

Quality Leads
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5. Use an opt-in popup

Even with a strong CTA and rich content, users might still not see your opt-in offer especially if it is at the bottom of the page. Users might also find the information they want in the first paragraphs and do not feel the need to go through the whole content.  Use exit intent tracking to know when users are likely to exit your page and pop up the CTA then. This is an unobtrusive way to get users to see your CTA and ask them to signup.

Generate quality leads

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