5 Questions to Ask your Pool Builder

If you want to own a great pool, you must be ready to pick the most competent pool builder who shall build a pool as per your expectations. In cases where you are dealing with local builders, you need to be ready and set with questions that you need to ask about pool building. These questions are to help you pick the best contractor.


What is your experience?

This question shall obviously help you know how long they have been in the field of pool building. Ensure that you see all the portfolio images of previous works of any pool builder you might interview. Most contractors who are reputable with high-quality work have showrooms where they display what they have done and are capable of doing. Examples of an experienced test question are where you might want to put up a gunite pool you should mostly deal with someone who is an expert at fiberglass fitting.

Ask for a 3-Dimensional rendering of your pool idea

A quality dealer will prepare for you a 3-dimensional display of the pool you want to build. The 3-dimensional is to help you have a better image of how the pool shall look like on the completion date. Without the dimensional view, you cannot be sure if all your ideas and priorities have been put into consideration; therefore, you should always ask for a 3-dimensional rendering display of the pool idea you give a contractor or a builder.

What is your pricing estimate?

When the company in place is transparent, they shall give a detailed pricing estimate in writings. It shall help you know the quality of materials to be used and the actual or estimated price of each. A builder might give you a pricing and mid-way the construction the cost may increase, and without a written pricing list, you cannot calculate why the increment in pricing.

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Do you have a servicing team and how does it operate?

A reputable pool builder shall have a service team to help even upon completion of the contract. In case they do not have you should ask about their customer support system prioritizing past customers and informing of service assistance and new construction projects. In this question, you should also ask about warranties to some pool tools such as pumps in case of breakdown.

What features can I add?

A design-oriented pool contractor will tell you about different pool ideas and features. Your pool building recommendations will depend on the pool shape, size and aesthetic you want. You can ask for a few features such as:






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Once you are readily conversant with the questions you need to ask the pool builder, you can now start interviewing them one by one. During the interviewing process, you also need to be systematic in how you ask your questions. Start with a problem to help you know more about a builder and his reputation, then his experience, his pricing and finally his after work support.  Ultimately, choose a pool builder who has answered all your questions in the most detailed way as per your expectations.

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