Understanding the Customers Experience

Customers are the most important part of any business. Without them, there would be no sales and ultimately no business.  Customer experience is the response customers have to the direct or indirect contact with a brand. Direct contact is initiated by the customer and usually happens through the purchase and use of a product or service. Indirect contact involves unplanned encounters with the company’s brand. It can be through word of mouth, customers reviews, advertising, and news reports. Also, it can be an email between customers or an ad that pops up on website homepages.

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Multiple features offered do not necessarily translate to a good customer experience. For instance, Microsoft Windows has numerous features and from an IT point of view can be considered a positive experience. However, most home users prefer fewer features such as in Apple’s Macintosh OS.

Of course, service quality matters especially when what is being offered is itself a service. For instance, FedEx offers tracking and shipping support on the phone and internet. This is as vital as its original promise of ‘on-time delivery.

How to ensure good customers reviews:


You have to ensure that your marketing strategy captures the standards and tastes of the target audience. Circulate this knowledge within the company and customize consumer communications to this.

Service operations

Make sure that all processes, practices, and skills are adjusted to every point such as call centers.

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Product development

Learn how your customers use your products or services, why they use them as they do and find out what frustrates them. Identify any customer behavior that runs contrary to your expectations and any needs that have not been met.

Information technology

Embrace and utilize digital platforms to collect, analyze and integrate data. Ensure you have a good system in place to monitor progress.  As your data flow becomes stable, you can key the form of presentation and degree of detail to your target audience.

Human resources

Study your employees’ capabilities, attitudes, and work processes. This will help you build a strategy that can communicate and train your staff for good customer experiences.

Customer experience involves every part of what a company offers. Good customer care is a major part of this but other parts include packaging, advertising, reliability and ease of use. However, not many of the employees tasked with customer service give too much thought to how various decisions affect the customer.

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Bad customer experiences are widespread. With customers becoming increasing aware of their rights and using this to empower themselves for opinionated and vocal customers reviews, it can be dangerous for any business caught on the wrong side of this. Companies have a ton of information about their customers such as their incomes and buying habits. However, they do not know much about their emotions and thoughts of their experience with their brand.

It is important for companies to know about all these and how the roles of every function play to shape their brand so that customer satisfaction can be attained.

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